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Lil's Reef Tank 5/10
Lil's Reef Tank 5/10
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Here are the latest pictures taken May 2nd, 2010 of my 75 gallon bow-front reef aquarium. I have moved some of the corals to better locations. I also changed the background color to a bright royal blue and I just love it. This color made the tank and corals to really stand out and the entire look is more appealing. The corals in the aquarium are growing nicely and seem to be thriving. Missing is the Kole Tang. Sadly it died and it seems the reason was due to the temperature getting too low in the tank which stressed it and within a few days the Tang was dead :O( Well, I was wondering why the snails I buy don't live long and now I know the reason. Apparently the goby likes to grab any snail that may find itself on the sand bed and quickly carries it away to his den. The snail, unable to turn itself ends up dying and then gets eaten by the hermits or maybe the starfish. The goby will even grab empty snail shells and whisk them to his den. Yesterday I bought a dozen snails and thus far can only account for eleven. Hmmmm???
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Nine of 10 fish are pictured in this photo. See if you can spot them. Yellow Wrasse, Flame Angel ( new tank inhabitants - they replaced the lg Kole Tang ), 2 Chromis, 2 Clownfish, Blue Spot Watchman Goby aka Pink spot Shrimp Goby - on the sandbed, and 1 of the Bengai Cardinals. Not pictured is the large Brittle Starfish which stays hidden most of the time (dk red in color).
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